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Palm Cove Weddings

Imagine taking your wedding vows in Palm Cove under tropical palm trees with the turquoise blue water lapping at golden sand on the beach a few steps away. A gentle breeze caresses your face as you say your wedding vows.

Then you retreat to an exclusive 5-star restaurant for your wedding reception where the first hours of your marriage are a combination of luxurious service and fun with your family and friends.

Afterwards, you and your new life partner stroll to your Palm Cove wedding night resort accommodation where you have a bottle of bubbles on ice that you can both enjoy in peace and privacy and reflect on your perfect wedding day in paradise.

Palm Cove Wedding Chapels

Palm Cove has two beautiful purpose-built traditional white wedding chapels; one is located on the Palm Cove beachfront and the other a traditional white wedding chapel and another that is surrounded by a pond and fountain and beautiful lush tropical gardens. 

Palm Cove Wedding Chapel Palm Cove Wedding Chapel Palm Cove Wedding Chapel

The beautiful white Palm Cove chapel is the only absolute beachfront chapel in Cairns north Queensland, and offers a level of wedding functions and options previously unavailable in North Queensland Australia. For more information on these two Palm Cove wedding chapels see the Palm Cove Holiday Specialists.

Palm Cove As A Wedding Destination

It comes as no surprise to anyone that has had the luxury of visiting Palm Cove that this destination is one of the most popular places in Queensland Australia to say your marriage vows.

The Palm Cove North Queensland Weather year round is mostly bathed in glorious sunshine, the village and beachfront setting with the cobble stoned streets and palm fringed ocean is idyllic for the perfect beach wedding package, and due to the design of the Palm Cove village there is very little noise as traffic is limited and there are no high-rise buildings dominating the skyline and shading the beach.

Mid-afternoon weddings are the most popular, as they are in most beach wedding locations, but in Palm Cove it's even more special. The sun is low in the sky and the temperature drops slightly to make it very comfortable and with the Great Barrier Reef Islands in the background it just a brides dream come true.

Palm Cove Wedding Accommodation Packages

Making accommodation arrangements in Palm Cove resorts, hotels, self contained holiday apartments and holiday homes for your wedding party, friends and family in Palm Cove is the easy part of organizing your beach wedding.

For all your Palm Cove group and family Accommodation requirements contact Cairns Holiday Specialists or Contact us on 07 4059 59 59 or Email Us and we will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.

Palm Cove Register Your Wedding

When you Register Your Wedding with the Palm Cove based Cairns Holiday Specialists team they will look after all the wedding accommodation arrangements for you. They will provide you with not only a Best Rate Guarantee, but even further discounts on wedding group bookings and Discounts on Tours. They will keep a register for you on when all of your guests will be arriving, where they will be staying, and also arranging car hire, airport transfers and group tours and activities for all of your guests.

  • We Guarantee To Match The Lowest Rates!
  • Book now & receive discounts on tours

As the bride and groom all you need to do is speak to the Cairns Holiday Specialists team about your wedding plans and ideas and then let them assist you with all the rest.

Once you have Registered Your Wedding you and your partner will receive the following benefits

  • * Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • * Discounts on Your Cairns Honeymoon
  • * Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions
  • * Free Cairns Wedding Supplier Registry

Your Family and Friends will also receive the following Great Holiday Saving Benefits when they book their accommodation and tours with the Cairns Holiday Specialists

  • * Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • * Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions
  • Return Visitor Holiday Rewards

Register Your Wedding and Cairns Holiday Specialists can introduce you to all of the local Palm Cove wedding suppliers such as Wedding Planners, wedding photographers, wedding cake makers, hairdressers, arrange your day spa bookings, wedding limousine companies wedding celebrants, wedding videographers and all other Palm Cove wedding suppliers that you need for your special beach wedding in Palm Cove.

The Cairns Holiday Specialists can arrange wedding accommodation packages in Palm Cove Resorts and Hotels that can also include breakfast, airport transfers via helicopter or limousine and other special touches on request.

Contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists on 1300 780 806 or 07 4059 5959

Palm Cove Private VIP Wedding

If you are planning a private celebrity vip wedding for yourselves and your famous or notable friends and family, confidentiality is assured.

The Cairns Holiday Specialists are experienced in looking after all the arrangements necessary to secure an all of house block lock down booking in Palm Cove resorts and hotels for intensely private people.

Palm Cove Beach Palm Cove Beach Palm Cove Beach

Having looked after some of Australia's most wealthy and influential residents along with international rock stars and movie stars wedding and holiday plans, the Palm Cove based Cairns Holiday Specialists are the team you need to have making your private VIP Palm Cove wedding arrangements.

Palm Cove Planning Your Beach Wedding

Planning a fantastic wedding can sometimes be stressful and hard work but if done properly the whole process should be lots of fun. When planning a wedding in Palm Cove all services and Facilities necessary for weddings are close at hand. Many details need to be considered when planning a wedding to make your special day everything you have always dreamed of. Before choosing the more specific details, aspects such as budgets, styles and themes need to be considered.

The easiest and most convenient way to have your wedding plans run to perfection is to engage a Palm Cove Wedding Planner. These people are the experts in making your wedding the best event it could possibly be with everything timed to perfection and as brilliant as possible.

Palm Cove Weddings — Flowers Palm Cove Weddings — Tables

Wedding planners can take away all the stress and running around on board leaving you to be free to just enjoy seeing it all come together with perfection and contingencies in place for those unexpected moments.

Talk to our recommended Wedding Planners and see how they can make your wedding the perfect day you dream of.

Palm Cove Wedding Theming

Picking the right wedding theme will enhance your special day and contribute to the desired mood of this special event. Choose something unique and special for yourself and your life partner.

Themes can be incorporated in your wedding attire, the wedding venue set up, the wedding chariot, the wedding entrance and even the wedding cake. Your guests can even participate by wearing themed wedding attire.

Themeing a wedding is fun for those couples that are getting married for the second third or even fourth time as going down the aisle in a white dress just does not seem appropriate once again that is unless you are a serial bride of course and just love the event, fun and frivolity of it all.

Palm Cove Marriage Celebrants

Whether you want to be married by a minister in a church, beachfront wedding chapel or a civil celebrant right on the beach at Palm Cove or another venue of your choice, picking out the right celebrant is very important.

Palm Cove has quite a number of celebrants to choose from both male and female and your marriage celebrant can arrange for you to exchange vows in all sorts of places like a hot air balloon, underwater on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef, on a solitary sand cay or remote island, in a chapel or on a yacht, the choices are varied and exciting.

Palm Cove Wedding Flowers

With the help of a professional wedding florist, choose a stunning arrangement to illuminate and exemplify your special day. You can view bouquets on the wedding florists websites and add a few of your own special touches if you so desire.

The wedding florist can dress up your wedding reception room or restaurant and personally design a floral bouquet for your bridesmaids and yourself along with the button holes for the men folk.

Palm Cove Pre- Wedding Health and Beauty

It is very important to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Hair and makeup professionals can work wonders with your image but not if you have not really looked after yourself prior to the big wedding day. The Palm Cove beauty therapists can polish your nails, arrange your up hair style for the wedding and apply your make-up but they cannot create a miracle if you have not been on a pre wedding diet and a healthy exercise regime as these are all very important in ensuring your skin is glowing and your hair is glossy and stunning for your Palm Cove wedding day.

If you and your intended are arriving in Palm Cove a week or so before your wedding then why not get yourself a personal trainer to really get you looking your absolute best with a good healthy fitness regime for the week. Not only will you feel good but you will look good as well.

Palm Cove Wedding Photography

Although your wedding day memories will be with you for life, photographs and videos are a very important part of the wedding because they capture the joy, spontaneity and romance of your wedding day.

Videography is also another great idea to preserve the memory and serves as a great way to share the experience with those who were not able to be present at your wedding. Some magical wedding photographs and videos have been shot in Palm Cove over the years and we are sure that there will be many more spectacular shots in the future.

Just imagine a beautiful romantic photograph or video of you coming down the cobble stoned village esplanade in a carriage drawn by a white horse with the palm tree swaying in the background beside the azure ocean shores, how fabulous!

We have some beautiful wedding photos shot in Palm Cove over the last year that you may like to take a look at to give you some idea on the styling of the photographs and images you would like to see for your wedding day. We would also be happy to recommend a few of the more popular wedding photographersshould you need some help in arranging one for your Palm Cove wedding day.

For your friends and family that cannot actually make it to your wedding day they can watch the ceremony live as it happens via the internet. Just speak to your wedding videographer to make all the arrangments.

Palm Cove Wedding Limousines

Whether you choose a stretch limousine, stretch Hummer, private sedan with chauffeur, classic car or spectacular helicopter entrance into Palm Cove for your wedding, reliability is very important for the transportation to the wedding venue to ensure a spectacular noticeable entrance.

It is always advisable to check and double check a few days prior to your big wedding day to ensure the company looking after your wedding transportation has got all the correct timings and details along with a back up contingency plan just in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Palm Cove Wedding Suit and Dress Hire

With your wedding style and theme in mind, browse magazines and shops so you already know the design of the dress and suit you are after when you arrive in paradise.

Cairns have quite a few dress and suit hire places to choose from and they provide examples on their websites for you to make your personal selection. It is a good idea to arrive in Palm Cove at least one week early to arrange a personal fitting just in case any big changes are needed and to ensure the wedding dress is perfect for the day.

It makes good sense to hire your traditional white flowing wedding gown as it's not as though you are really going to ever wear it again and the money saved can be spent on other more precious items for your wedding day. Wedding dresses also take up a lot of room in your wardrobe and can be a nuisance if you live in a small unit or house. You could even give it away for charity for the less fortunate that cannot afford to have a beautiful dress it would really make their day that much more special.

We sincerely apologize now if we hurt the feelings of sentimental brides who like to keep their gowns to admire and reflect on the moments of the past or those that are hoping to hand it down to her first born girl to wear on her special wedding day. We are just having some fun.

Palm Cove Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Choose a flavour and design that suits you best, be it chocolate mousse, carrot cake, a lovely alcohol soaked fruit cake or the traditional tiered wedding cake that you can keep layers of for the first born child's christening.

It is advisable to order the wedding cake many months in advance as Palm Cove during the middle of the year is extremely busy with weddings and as the wedding cake maker is fastidious and careful about his craft they need lots of notice.

Palm Cove Wedding Catering

Choose from a large buffet style dinner in a resort or hotel function room, an elegant lunch in a beachfront restaurant or some simple nibbles and drinks with views of the Coral Sea over the Palm Cove beach.

Whichever you choose, finding the perfect style of catering is an important part of planning a fabulous wedding. You will always need to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your guests, consider religious beliefs, allergies and cater for vegetarians and those that also may be on their own pre-wedding diet.

If you are to have a large wedding it is advisable to ensure you do your research early and make your wedding breakfast, lunch or dinner booking early as Palm Cove is only a small village and very popular for weddings especially if you want a restaurant or venue on an exclusive use basis.

Palm Cove Wedding Stationery

Wedding invitations need to be a proper representation of your special partnership day. Your wedding stationery should be clear, personalised and significant. The use of some Palm Cove imagery to include on your wedding stationery would be a really unique addition to your invitations and sure to stir some emotions in your guests to ensure they attend your big day.

Maybe speak to your Palm Cove wedding photographer and ask them if you may use some of their beachfront images to place on your wedding invitations or take a quick trip to Palm Cove yourselves and shoot some more personal images to use or even shoot a video and post it up on U Tube with a link and then email it to all of your friends and family.

You can have so much fun now and be really creative with wedding stationary and the use of modern technology now the stiffness has gone out of wedding planning. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild and then leave it to your wedding planners to make it all come together.

Palm Cove Wedding Gift Ideas

Things like rings, bridal party gifts and the bridal registry are all gift ideas that need to be considered before the wedding is underway. Have you both been living together for a long period of time and already furnished your home? If so it's a good idea to pre-select items from stores of things that you really want and set up a wedding gift registry so guests may be able to phone in their credit card details and have the store gift wrap and send the wedding gift to the wedding reception venue. Other factors like nationalities also need to be taken into consideration as some ethnic groups have a tradition of either pinning money on the bride or placing monies in an envelope as a wedding gift so the couple may spend it on building a new home or on the honeymoon. Other wedding gift ideas for the bride and grooms that may have been married before is to choose some of their favourite charities and have envelopes at the reception for you to make a donation to these charities instead of bringing wedding gifts.

Palm Cove Wedding Entertainment

Selecting suitable music is pivotal to enhance the desired atmosphere of your special day. Whether it is a live band, a string quartet or a DJ playing your favorite mixed tunes, entertainment is key. An important thing to remember when choosing your wedding entertainment is the ages of your guests, likes and dislikes and try and find a happy medium for everyone to enjoy. Most Palm Cove wedding venues have noise restrictions on the type of entertainment and a cut off time for late night noise so it is important to check with the venue and your entertainment providers before booking your entertainment.

Wedding entertainment can be anything you desire such as fire dancers on the beach at sunset with an Aboriginal playing the didgeridoo to give it that mysterious trance like feeling, a carnival atmosphere with characters wandering amongst the guests, a Scottish pipe band wandering along the beachfront to your wedding to the surprise of guests, a picnic basket for every guest set up on the beachfront and a boom box for musical entertainment. Palm Cove has the magical back drop to let your imagination run wild but you must be aware that you will need permits for activities on the beach so you will need to make these arrangments with your wedding planner that holds the permits.

Palm Cove Bucks and Hen Parties

The last time to celebrate single Dom! What sort of party will it be? White Water rafting, a round of golf? A trip to the spa? How about a big night on the town that you will probably regret anyway because you are so sick the next day or you just cannot remember what you did to embarrass yourself?

We would not recommend the latter if you want your wedding day to be perfect. As mature adults it would be nice to spend a day in the spa being pampered with your girlfriends or out on the golf course with your buddies.

Cairns Holiday Specialists can make all of these arrangements for you along with any transfers that may be required at great Wedding Group Discount Rate's so make sure you call them first on 07 4059 5959 to make all the arrangements.

Palm Cove Wedding Venues

There is a wide range of venues in Palm Cove to have a wedding and/or reception, and most have wedding packages and special deals that make planning a wedding as easy as possible. Imagine having a beautiful resort or hotel wedding. As the sun dips below the horizon you say your vows amongst swaying palm trees, the aroma of tropical flowers and the warm breeze caressing your skin. Whether it is on the soft sand overlooking the Coral Sea or poolside at a five star resort, the day is sure to be glorious.

There are many Restaurants and function rooms in Palm Cove that are perfect for wedding receptions. Choosing the right one that complements your theme, budget and group size can be a little tricky so asking the Cairns Holiday Specialists for advice is always the best option as they know these restaurants intimately.

Just because you are having your wedding ceremony in Palm Cove does not mean you have to hold the reception in a hotel or restaurant. A private charter calm water boat cruise on the Trinity Inlet is a grand way to celebrate your wedding nuptials.

All of your family and friends will be around you having a great time dancing to the band, and being a calm water private boat cruise you need not worry about your guests experiencing sea sickness. See the Cairns Holiday Specialists for a quote on this unique wedding venue option. Telephone 07 4059 5959

For more wedding venue options it's a good idea to get in contact with your Wedding Planner and ask their advice as some of them hold the special beach and national park licenses that allow you to celebrate weddings on the beach or in the rainforests around Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.

Palm Cove Wedding Spa Packages

Oh it's so much fun being a girl sometimes especially when you can get together with all of your girlfriends and enjoy a day of pampering and polishing in a day spa in beautiful Palm Cove in Queensland Australia.

Massages can range from anywhere from $60 to $180 dependant on time frame and the spa destination that you choose.

If you discuss your Palm Cove day spa package requirements with the Cairns Holiday Specialists team they will be able to get you set up with the best possible arrangements to suit your budget and make all the bookings to suit the number of ladies that will also be requiring some personal pampering.

The team at Cairns Holiday Specialists are the experts when it comes to the day spas in Palm Cove as they are always invited to come and experience them first hand so they can give good advice to incoming guests to Palm Cove and for group bookings you can save money when booking with Cairns Holiday Specialists as they can pass on great discounts.

Palm Cove Your Honeymoon in Queensland Australia

Now the Palm Cove honeymoon Hotel or Resort accommodation is a big decision for you both to make so you will need some good local advice to ensure you get this one right as you want your honeymoon to be absolutely perfect with all the romantic touches.

Many good honeymoon venues in Palm Cove are booked out well in advance so it is important to book early. Visit the Palm Cove Accommodation section to see a full list of accommodation options available in Palm Cove.

When choosing a venue for your honeymoon think about what style of accommodation you would like and how much time you can take off work to be away together without anything else to think about.

Other Romantic Wedding Destinations in Queensland Australia

Cairns city has a wonderful white wedding chapel with full length windows that look across the manicured gardens out to the river and beyond to the rainforest clad mountains just the idealic setting for a romantic wedding in a five star environment. Bookings for this chapel are co-ordinated thru your Wedding planner.

Cairns has a good selection of hotels and resorts that offer the more formal wedding facilities in an air conditioned function room and luxurious honeymoon accommodation or a reception in a waterfront restaurant overlooking all of the luxury boats in the marina.

Cairns Holiday Specialists can also make the entire necessary honeymoon and guest accommodation bookings at great rates for Registered Weddings along with all of the tours and activities saving you and your guest's money and time.

Call them on 07 4059 5959 to make all the tour and accommodation arrangements.

Port Douglas in Queensland Australia is just one hours drive north of Cairns and is another very popular idealic location for weddings. The surrounding region of Port Douglas is very similar to Palm Cove with the tropical beach as your backdrop and lush green parklands that are just perfect for that romantic wedding photography and videography.

Port Douglas has several chapel and stone churches to choose from along with beautiful hotels and resorts for your honeymoon and guest accommodation.

Trinity Beach is located just 15 minutes north of Cairns in the northern beaches and offers another idealic beach wedding option for brides and grooms looking for that more casual affair in beautiful surroundings.

After the ceremony you can hold your reception in a beachfront restaurant overlooking the ocean and the surrounding palm fringed cove. Wedding accommodation can be in cliff top self contained apartments that have expansive views over the ocean and mountain ranges or resorts with all the regular sporting facilities.

The Whitsundays is another very popular sub tropical destination for an intimate beach wedding and a honeymoon on a private charter sail boat. The most well known destination in Airlie Beach with its fabulous restaurants and hotels, resorts and apartments.

Airlie Beach has a boardwalk that spans the length of the beachfront and the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and videos.