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Palm Cove Wedding Photography & Videography

The Village of Palm Cove in Tropical North Queensland provides a naturally beautiful and romantic backdrop perfectly created by nature, and naturally provides the canvas for spectacular wedding photographs and videos.

The tropical sandy Beach with the clear azure waters of the Coral Sea, Island dotted horizon and swaying palm trees creates an exotic and romantic scene to celebrate your marriage.

Many wedding photographs are taken on the charming Palm Cove Jetty which stretches far into the Coral Sea with Double Island and Haycock Island in the distance.

The lush green rainforest which fringes the shores of the Great Barrier Reef at Palm Cove compliments the beautiful sandy beach and creates wedding shots that are tropically stunning.

There are unlimited creative options available for beautiful wedding photographs in the Palm Cove area and professional wedding photographers will be able to suggest great photographic locations depending on your style, theme and requests.

hen choosing a professional wedding photographer you are paying for someone to capture your special day and ensure every shot looks fabulous and captures the brilliance and essence of your wedding day.

Every single aspect of your wedding day should be captured in your photos, from the flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen to the cake, food and flowers; and of course your special friends and family.

The more of your special day caught on film the more the memories you will have to cherish as the years you will share together roll on.

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer can be stressful but by following some important criteria your decision can be made much easier.

The experience level of your wedding photographer or videographer is often an important consideration.

If they have covered weddings in Palm Cove then they will be able to provide you both with some samples of previous work, references, different suggestions for photographic locations and will most certainly have wet weather options in case of adverse weather conditions.

Discuss with your potential wedding photographer what styles and themes you are wishing to project in your wedding photos. Do you want your photos to look exotic, classic, formal or candid?

Would you prefer all color photographs or a mixture of color, black and white and sepia? Generally speaking it is best to have a mixture of all three photographic types.

Color photos are able to capture the vibrancy and excitement of your wedding day, black and white photos expose a classic look and sepia pictures are very romantic.

The personality and chemistry you feel with your wedding photographer can encourage trust and communication. If you get along with your photographer it will be easier to understand each other and in turn make it easier to finalise the tone and essence of your wedding photos creating a stress free more enjoyable experience where you cannot wait to see the results.

Finding out the different package options, delivery method, digital options and price range are other details to consider. How would you like your wedding pictures displayed to share with your friends and family?

Will you want thank-you cards, photo albums, bridal portraits, photo CDs? Most wedding photographers today use digital images and can email you the prints so you can download them and email them to your wedding guests.

When deciding on your wedding photos you should find out what picture sizes are available and how soon after the wedding they will be ready.

Choosing a wedding portrait package that fits your budget is important; enquiring if the photographers travel expenses are included in this rate is also suggested.

The more money you spend on photographs the more assurance you can feel that you will receive a professional experience with high quality photos.

After the wedding is over these are a few things of the precious things that remain as keepsakes; the better the photos are the more clarity, expression and feelings your photos will provoke year after year.

You may also want to hire a professional videographer to capture a higher dimensional keepsake of your wedding day. By videotaping your special day, you will be able to relive the details over and over again and perhaps be able to view events and moments that you missed out on.

Not only will you have in depth images but you can capture irreplaceable details such as the beautiful wedding music, the vows between you and your partner, the speeches by friends and family and the distinct sounds that make Palm Cove weddings unique such as the waves lapping the sandy beach and the tropical birds chirping in the distance.

Ten years down the track you will treasure sights such as grandparents, distant friends and relatives and young children; these things may become more important to you then the actual footage of yourself on your wedding day.

 Couple running on the beach 

Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of your wedding guests to film your special day. You may be very disappointed with the amateur job and later wish that you had hired a professional.

The pressure of creating the perfect video may also be very high for your wedding guest and will take away from their enjoyment of the day.

The same criteria used to select a photographer can be used when choosing your videographer; a few more important points should also be applied.

Make sure your videographer is familiar with the site of your wedding ceremony, if not have them inspect it beforehand so they can plan the shots, sounds and lighting.

When reviewing previous work done by your videographer pay special attention to the sound and picture clarity. Discuss with your videographer the shots that you would like included in the video and discuss the possibility of incorporating a sound track and photographic montage of you and your partners lives before and after you met.

Wedding videos are excellent gifts for wedding guests and for those unable to attend the wedding ceremony and reception. Keep in mind good wedding videographers book up very quickly so if you are planning on tying the knot at a busy time of the year or on a Saturday make sure you book well in advance.

Make sure your Palm Cove accommodation is close to where you are having your wedding photographs so you can go to your apartment and touch up your make up or change your outfits for the next photo shoot. 

Wedding Images © Posh Photography

Palm Cove Our suggested Photographers and Videographers in the Region

Mod Videos    

MOD Videos (Memories on Disk) are a husband and wife team who specialize in wedding video production in the Palm Cove area.

MOD videos use high definition cameras and professional microphones to capture the best picture and sound quality.

They arrive early at the scene of the wedding to check equipment and provide a quiet and unobtrusive service so as not to distract you or your guests on your special day.

Your guests will not need to worry about videotaping the day and they can be assured that they can receive a professionally filmed and edited document.

MOD videos has many packages starting as low as $660 and also allow you the option of creating your own and adding on photo montages of your lives together. Most of the wedding packages include an uncut version of the DVD so you can see shots that didn’t make the cut.

Satisfaction is guaranteed by MOD videos and they are more than happy to provide you with copies of previous work they have done along with refrerences.



Posh Photography    

Posh photography is a premier company that creates beautiful wedding photography and a unique wedding album.

They are the leaders in Magazine Styled Digital Albums and create packages to suite you.

With Posh photography packages you can create your own wedding website or have a DVD slide show.

Arrange a one-on-one meeting with your photographer to discuss and plan every detail of your wedding photography.



Lovegreen Photography 

Lovegreen photography provides a photography service that is excellence by nature. The photographers at Lovegreen strive to capture and present the unique story of your wedding day.

The beauty, laughter and tears of your special day will all be portrayed through your wedding photos.

Delivering photos of the highest artistic standard, Lovegreen photos specialize in wedding photos that harmonise with nature.

With over 15 years of nature photography experience, Colyn strives to apply his “natural” eye to create stunning photos of your wedding day.

Lovegreen photos believe that communication and relationships are essential to creating beautiful wedding photos and suggest pre-wedding meetings to establish goals, view previous work and to sort out all the details.

Only the highest quality of equipment is used and a range of post-production tools are used to tweak the photos to cater to all your creative preferences.

There are several packages to choose from and many display options such as hand bound magazine style albums, traditional albums or digital albums. Lovegreen photography is looking forward to being part of your special day!



Palm Cove Photography    

About Palm Cove Photography and Video - Weddingeye: There is no wedding photography & video service quite like us.

Stunning natural and dynamic styles where the images speak for themselves. With long experience we offer superb photography & video packages.

Not only am I a photographer and filmmaker but also a passionate, innovative and creative artist who represents high standards and qualities.

Having over 18 years of extensive internationally recognized experience in the performing arts industry and with Master Degrees in arts, film and photography, you are not only getting dynamic and natural photography & video, but you will also have your own final art piece and an extreme fun time working with us.

We deliver a unique style of wedding photography & video and create your personal romantic story.

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