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Palm Cove Wedding Flowers

When deciding on your floral arrangements for your Palm Cove wedding the key is to envision the perfect style of your wedding day.

Do you see an intimate and casual affair or a lavishly stylish soiree? Are you going to hold it on the beach, or perhaps underneath a palm lined canopy? Is your ceremony going to be traditional or perhaps maybe more contemporary?

All of these questions can help you decide on floral arrangements perfect for your wedding day. When picking the color scheme keep in mind that it should accurately reflect your desired style.

Dark bold tones are gaining popularity over soft and subtle hues but just make sure that the color arrangement matches your overall wedding theme.

When choosing the ideal flowers for your Palm Cove wedding keep in mind seasonal blooms and styles. An advantage of marrying in Palm Cove is that the seasonal changes are slight allowing for healthy, year long production of most flowers along with the wider choice of exotic long lasting tropical varieties.

The current trends in wedding flowers may also influence what types of arrangements you would like at your tropical wedding. Daring colors have replaced soft hues and modern brides aren’t afraid to splash bold purples, bright oranges and electric blues in an attempt to create a vibrant and colorful flower scheme.

Another trend is the incorporation of produce and other objects into the floral arrangements. Fruits, herbs and veggies can really spice up a floral display, Different woods and grasses can also add unique textures and designs to your wedding flower arrangements.

Keeping the floral designs simple is another floral trend. Instead of elaborate floral displays, cascading throughout every corner of your wedding venue, simple hand tied displays and single flower arrangements and the less is more approach are making their way into contemporary Weddings.

Alternatively, if you are after a romantic and traditional wedding then lovely soft and elaborate floral bouquets, pots and baskets are appropriate.

It is recommended that no matter what your floral expertise is, hiring a florist is always the best way to go. The last thing you want to be doing right before the wedding is worrying about tying up bouquets and organizing all the flowers; by picking the right florist you will save yourself much time and stress right before your wedding.

It is best to begin looking for a florist pretty much as soon as you begin planning the wedding and it is advisable to have your florist booked (but not necessarily your arrangements decided on) 6 months before the wedding date.

When deciding on your wedding-flowers budget keep in mind that between 8-12% of the entire budget is commonly put towards the flowers. When picking the appropriate florist make sure you are comfortable with the florist’s personality, attitude and style.

Make sure your florist can offer creative suggestions and is open-minded to your ideas. If you are planning an elaborate floral display, make sure your florist is able to sketch up a design to make sure your ideas are similarly aligned.  

There are many different ways that flowers are incorporated into the wedding and without them the event will simply lack ambiance and flare. If you are also holding an engagement party, shower, and rehearsal dinner you may want to consider center pieces for these Events.

On the big day you will need to get flowers for your bridal, flower girl and the brides maid’s bouquets, the groom’s, groom’s men and ring bearer’s boutonnières, the mothers of the bride and groom’s corsage, the fathers of the bride and groom’s boutonnière, and corsages and boutonnière’s for the grandparents.

At the ceremony you will need entry arrangements, altar arrangements, isle arrangements, flower girl petals and candle flowers.

At the wedding reception you may need an entry arrangement, centerpieces for all the tables, bar arrangements and food table arrangements. Of course the size and style of each wedding will determine if all the above are necessary but keep in mind that wedding flowers set the mood and the ambiance and choosing the right flowers for your perfect day is a great step on the path to creating a memorable and treasured wedding day.

Try and have the wedding flowers delivered to your Palm Cove accommodation about an hour before your wedding arrangments begin to ensure they stay fresh in the tropical warmth. 

Wedding Images © Posh Photography

Palm Cove Our suggested Florists in the Region

Ivy Floral Design

Cathy Parks and Tijn Meulendijks of Ivy Floral Design can create exquisite floral arrangements to suit your wedding theme and personal style.

Ivy Design will listen to your thoughts and ideas and can make helpful and creative suggestions if you wish.

Ivy Design can take care of the entire wedding party and reception and create a personalized ceremony including all of the finishing touches like candles, pebbles, petals and berries.

The team at Ivy Design have exquisite attention to detail and use fresh flowers to effectively bring life and joy to your special day.



Pink Moss Florists

Pink Moss Florists are professional wedding specialists located in Palm Cove and are committed to ensuring your flowers are perfect for your special day. Pink Moss Florists have done over 200 weddings and are here to make your wedding day special no matter what theme or size.

Most of Pink Moss’s clients are from interstate or overseas therefore take special steps to ensuring that the flowers for each wedding ceremony go on without a hitch. While working with Pink Moss Florist you are “their bride” and 100% focus and attention is paid to each bride’s wishes and ideas.

Pink Moss’s prices are competitive and they offer a free of charge delivery. Previous customers of Pink Moss Florists had the following things to say...

‘Thank you for the gorgeous bouquet you created for my wedding. It was absolutely beautifully done and better than I dreamt it could turn out. Thank you for making our day perfect”

‘Thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful”

‘Thank you for your help and patience in organizing our flowers for our wedding day. You were very helpful and nothing was too much to ask”

‘The flower arrangement and decorations on the day were perfect and added to us having an amazing day. My bouquet was exactly what I wanted and looked stunning”