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Palm Cove Weddings

Palm Cove Wedding Celebrants

For a wedding to be legal in Australia you will need to engage the services of a priest or a Wedding Celebrant. The Priest and Wedding Celebrants will provide and lodge all of the legal papers before the wedding day and ensure everything is in order. As Palm Cove is such a popular wedding destination for couples from not only Australia but also overseas there has been a growth in the number of Wedding Celebrants available to conduct nuptial unions in Palm Cove Queensland Australia.

Palm Cove Wedding Flowers

A wedding in Palm Cove gives the couple the opportunity to choose some really unique tropical flowers, plants or vines for their wedding bouquets, the flowers for the bridesmaids, the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, the little flower girls, the mother of the bride and groom, the father of the bride and groom and everyone else related to the wedding party. The other great thing about tropical flowers is that they are long lasting and can be pressed and dried to keep mas a memento of your special wedding day in Palm Cove.

Palm Cove Wedding Health & Beauty

On your wedding day you really want to be looking your best as videos and photography last as memories forever so it is a really good idea to start a healthy lifestyle soon after you have been proposed to. Be careful to not take it to extremes and punish your body and treat it like it has never been treated before as it just may have the opposite effect. See here for a few tips and hints on preparing for your wedding day in paradise in Palm Cove Queensland Australia.

Palm Cove Wedding Photography & Videography

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words but nothing is said as a quote about videos as far as I know? But the combination of live film and still pictures of your wedding day are a must have purchase for you to watch and flick thru with your friends, family and your future children. Photography and Videography are definite wedding supplier items that you should not skimp on as all you have is memories are what you have of the day.

Palm Cove Wedding Venues

Palm Cove has a plethora of wedding venues to choose from as the little beachside village is host to hundreds of weddings annually. Some of the wedding venues and locations are absolute beachfront others are poolside or inside function rooms within Palm Coves hotels and resorts it just depends on your style and your choice of where you would like to enjoy your wedding day in the tropics.

Palm Cove Weddings

Palm Cove is one of Australia’s most desired beach wedding locations and its no wonder as the weather is mostly always perfect, the beach is uncrowded and the islands out in the Coral Sea make for that picture perfect wedding photography backdrop. Palm Cove beach is framed by towering Palm Trees and other tropical plants assisting to keep guests cool and out of the sunshine and the only shadows on the beach in the afternoon are your own.