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Palm Cove Best Tours And Attractions

Cairns Great Barrier Reef Tours

Choosing the best Great Barrier Reef tour from Palm Cove can sometimes be a bit confusing as there is a big selection offering a wide range of locations and activities to suit all levels of swimmers, scuba divers, non-swimmers, children and elderly folks.

You can choose to spend the day on an idealic tropical island, or an outer reef pontoon with all the water sport toys, or if you are keen to try scuba diving take a boat that has a roaming permit to ensure you get to see the best of the best in any weather conditions.

Just as an added optional extra you can also take a scenic flight above the coral whilst you are out on the Great Barrier Reef and then you have seen the best of the best from above and below the reef surface.

All Great Barrier Reef tours pick up guests from their Palm Cove Accommodation

Daintree And Cape Tribulation Rainforest Tours

The Daintree Rainforest is such a charming place to explore, especially on a hot and humid day as you can swim in the beautiful rivers or the fresh mountain streams under the canopy of the ancient tree canopies.

Mother Nature certainly got it right creating these havens for us to run away from the heat of the day, making it so peaceful and so beautiful to be in amongst it all. 

If you are quiet you can spot all the birds, butterflies and other rainforest creatures going about their daily routines as they maintain and assist to keep the rainforests alive and welcoming.

A day tour to visit the Daintree and Cape Tribulation rainforests is a must for everybody in the family. You will learn so much about our fragile existence and vital connection with these rainforest habits, and even learn how to do your part to help preserve it for future generations to come or generations to perish.   

All Daintree Rainforest tour operators pick up guests from their Palm Cove Accommodation

Kuranda Village With Skyrail and Kuranda Scenic Rail 

Kuranda is a beautiful rainforest village with a colourful history that awaits your arrival at 380 metres above sea level were you will be greeted by the colourful explosion of the daily village markets, street vendors, artists, musicians, tropical birds and butterflies.

Your journey to Kuranda Village is all part of the attraction as you will be transferred by coach from your Palm Cove accommodation to either the historic Kuranda Train which winds its way thru the hand cut mountain tracks and tunnels, past cascading waterfalls and dangerously deep gorges or to the Skyrail Rainforest Gondola that glides over above the towering rainforest canopy.

You can even pre-book a see thru glass bottom gondola or an open air gondola with no roof or side’s just railings to give your Kuranda tour an even more spectacular and forever memorable experience.

Kuranda tours depart early morning from your Palm Cove Accommodation 

Scenic Flights-Helicopters-Fixed Wing Touring-Hot Air Balloons

When you are visiting an iconic destination in the world such as the Great Barrier Reef it is best to explore it anyway and every way possible so you can take in all its glory and its full entirety.

Taking a scenic flight and flying around 500 to 1000 feet above the ocean or ground is the perfect way to see things from another perspective and the most perfect of positions to take some memorable photographs.

Choose from scenic helicopter flights to longer haul fixed wing aircraft adventures to an early morning Hot Air Balloon flight over the Atherton Tablelands.

We have a wide range of scenic flight choices that combine both the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest or you can design your own specific private charter itinerary.

Scenic flights depart from Cairns and Port Douglas with some tour operators colecting guests from their Palm Cove Accommodation

Adrenaline Tours

Palm Cove and Cairns is the go to destination for any adrenaline junkie, dare devil or wanna be newbie dare devil in training pants.

With a very wide range of weird and wonderful courage testing day tours and activities you will not be bored on a daily basis this is guaranteed!

Try throwing yourself off an extremely high tower that is even higher than the ancient trees that surround it with a rubber band around your ankles, or jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 feet with the hope your parachute was packed according to instructions, or careering down a raging river just hoping you do not get tossed out and wedged in a rock crevice.

Nah just joking all Cairns tours and attractions are highly regulated for their safety procedures so you can be sure you are doing ridiculously stupid things in relative calculated safety.

Most adrenaline tours pick guests up from their Palm Cove Accommodation  

Family Tours And Attractions In Palm Cove

Palm Cove is loved by families year after year as the whole of the region is centred around the beautiful palm fringed beachfront and the esplanade is lined with resorts, shops and dining facilities.

It’s a fun safe family holiday destination where the kids can play on the beach and have the freedom to wander wherever they please.

Palm Cove is also so central to accessing all the local day tours and attractions of the region and there are a multitude of family tours and options for all age groups to enjoy on our sister website The Tour Specialists.

If you are new family to Palm Cove you can speak to our local Cairns Tour Specialists in our office 7 days a week on 07 4059 5959

Please note most Cairns tours that cater for families will collect guests from their Palm Cove Accommodation

Fishing Cairns Rivers And The Great Barrier Reef

Fishing is great bonding activity to while away a half day morning or afternoon in a Cairns river or estuary or enjoying a full day out on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef where you can search for some wonderful table fish such as the highly prized Red Emperor and Coral Trout.

If it’s more action and sport you are after then chasing Giant Trevally, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish or the Giant Black Marlin may just be your cup of tea.

Whatever type of fishing you are after we always recommend you book way in advance as the Great Barrier Reef is known world-wide as the go to place for prosperous fishing of beautiful clean fish in gorgeous surroundings s you certainly do not want to miss out.

Our fishing tours depart from Cairns or Port Douglas and it usually requires you to make your own way to the departure point or you can talk to The Tour Specialists and they can arrange a coach transfer or car hire for you.  

Atherton Tablelands And Outback Tours

You can choose to hire a rental car and self-drive around the Atherton Tablelands or if you are a new visitor it may be more interesting to go with a trained eco expert who can take you directly to the places of interest and tell you about the history of the region and all the other interesting little bits you would never learn navigating by yourselves.

You will be taken to ancient volcanoes on top of the mountains that you can actually swim in and then you can visit waterfalls and take another swim, visit organic dairy farms and taste the produce, visit Spanish Castles in the rainforest, visit spectacular underground caves and much much more.

The Atherton Tablelands and the Queensland Outback really offer some spectacular locations to investigate as the region is so diverse

Our Atherton Tablelands tour operators pick up guests from their Palm Cove Accommodation.  

Private Charter Tours From Palm Cove

Whether it’s a small family group or a big conference it is sometimes best to have a private charter tour arranged to get you to all of the best tourist destinations and iconic landmarks around Tropical North Queensland with your own personal driver and tour guide giving you all of the local and historical information along the way.

The same goes if you wish to book a private charter boat to take you diving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or for a day of fishing to catch a big Black Marlin.

The private charter boat skippers know all of the most beautiful spots to snorkel and the richest grounds for a successful days fishing.

Should you wish to charter a helicopter so you may see the reef from above the water and then fly over the magnificent mountains and rainforests then that is also possible from as little as 30 mins or a whole day.

All private charter tour guests will be collected from their luxury Palm Cove Accommodation