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Spa Treatments Glossary


Cleansing of the body, usually as part of a religious rite.
Acupressure is a Chinese massage technique that releases muscular tension by applying pressure to specific points.
Acupuncture is a healing technique similar to acupressure, it involved inserting fine needles often with a light electronic current to relieve muscular and neurological problems and to promote healing; it is relatively painless.
Aerobics is a type of dance like exercise that is set to music, the purpose is to enhance cardiovascular strength, tone muscles and burn fat.
Are done to the knee, upper, lower, spinal area by pouring on a liquid, as in baptism.
Affusion Shower
Combining hydrotherapeutic benefits by lying underneath a light spray of rain while given a massage, oil may be applied. This treatment helps improve circulation and muscle tone while combating stress and insomnia.
Massage Allopathic
A way of treating disease
Medicine Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy uses oils to treat emotional disorders, organ dysfunction, and skin problems through a variety of internal and external application techniques. It is an ancient healing art dating back to 4500 B. C. Aromatherapy can treat by massages, facials, body wraps or hydro baths with the application of essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers.
Aromatherapy Bath
A warm bath with added essential oils that combines the benefits of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy
Ayurveda is a healing system from India and combines oils and herbs with massage to balance the body, mind and spirit.


Body composition analysis
This is an analysis of the ratio of fat to muscle mass, this can involve the use of calipers and/or being weighed while suspended in water.
Body polish
A body polish consists of a full-body scrub using mild abrasives and warm oil to stimulate circulation and gently remove dead skin cells.
Body Scrub
There are various body scrubs such as Brush & Tone, Dulse Scrub, Loofah Scrub, Paraffin Treatment, Repaichage and Vichy showers.
Body Sugaring
Body Sugaring is a hair-removal process that dates from the time of Cleopatra.
Body Tuning
You can tune your body by stretching and muscle-firming exercises.
Brush and Tone
A dry brush removes dead skin cells, and stimulates circulation.


Circuit weight training
Circuit weight training combines high intensity aerobics and weight-lifting for all round conditioning.
The seven energy centers of your body
An Indian technique where the head is massaged to nourish your hair, calm your spirit and reduce stress related tensions in the face.
Chiropractic treatments realign the spine through active manipulation to relieve back and neck problems.


Deep Tissue Massage
Is done to treat pain, release muscular knots and help circulatory problems.
Deep cleansing Facial
Machine or manual technique that cleanses pores, extracts blackheads, purifies skin and revitalizes pores.
Cleansing the body of poisons acquired from unhealthy habits and lifestyles.
Dulse scrub
The Dulse Scrub uses Dulse seaweed and oil or water to exfoliate and infuse the skin with minerals and vitamins.


A skin treatment where the top layer of skin is rubbed off.


There are many types of facials but most facials involve cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliating and moisturizing of the skin.
A fango is warm mineral-rich mud that is slathered onto the body, then washed and scrubbed off to detoxify the skin and stimulate circulation
Footbaths can be warm, cold or an alternation of to two. Warm foot baths encourage sleep and benefit those with constipation, cold feet and circulation problems. Cold foot baths will stimulate metabolism and increase blood circulation. Alternate footbaths involve soaking your feet in warm water for five minutes before putting them in cold water for several seconds. Alternate footbaths are great for cold feet, weary legs and high blood pressure.


Creams are massaged into the skin to exfoliate, re-hydrate the skin
Used to reduce age spots, soften wrinkles and improve complexion a alpha-hydroxl acid is applied to your face.


Herbal wrap
Herbal Wraps are strips of cloth soaked in a warm herbal solution and wrapped around the body to relax muscles and draw out impurities.
Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine where natural substances are used to encourage the body to heal itself.
Holistic Approaches
Looking at the health of someone in a complete picture instead of isolating parts; natural treatments strive to maintain balance.
Hydrotherapy is a water treatment including hydro-jet massage, sprays and mineral baths.
Hydropathy Infrared Treatment
The internal and external use of water to treat diseases. A treatment that involves heat to aid muscular relaxation and increase blood circulation.


Iridology Jacuzzi
By looking at the iris of your eye, a practitioner can tell the condition of various organs in the body.


Kneipp Water Walk
A fast moving bubbling water bath that is an all over muscle relaxing massage. The technique is to walk back and forth in shallow basins bed with cold natural springs


Lomi lomi
A Hawaiian rhythmic rocking-style massage.
Lymphatic Drainage
Eases chronic colds and swollen lymph nodes, it helps stimulate the movement of the lymph.


Where fingernails are shaped and polished
Meditation consists of concentrating on the flow of your breathing. During meditation your breathing heart and pulse slow down and your brain relaxes.
Mineral Water Bath
Soaking in mineral water that contains mineral salts, natural elements and gases.


A naturopath assesses your general health by questioning and observing, and then uses natural treatments that stimulate the bodies own force to fight disease.


Oxygen Breathing Therapy
The oxygen may be inhaled by a breathing tube or face mask. Oxygen breathing can reduce stress.
Oxygen Facial
Oxygen facials supply your skin with extra oxygen that alleviates damage, reduces appearance of fine lines and clears your complexion.
Oxygen Therapy
There are many oxygen treatments that detoxify your body, boost your energy, reduce stress related symptoms and promote healthy hair, nails and skin.


Volcanic mud combined with paraffin is applied to the body to relieve the pain.
Paraffin treatment
A Paraffin Treatment is when arm paraffin wax is applied to heat and draw out toxins. This deeply relaxes muscles and leaves skin moist and smooth.
A foot treatment that includes soaking the feet to remove dry skin, foot and leg massages are often included followed by painting of the toe nails
Phytotherapy is when extracts of many plants are applied throughout the body through massage, wraps, water and steam therapies or ingestion in the form of tea.


Reflexology is massage concentrating on the extremities - mainly the feet to encourage a balanced energy flow and relax the body by applying pressure to spots corresponding to other parts of the body.
Calming touch therapies used to encourage the bodies own healing forces to remove physical or emotional blockages. Primarily used to treat migraines, arthritis and insomnia.
Rolfing is a deep massage technique used correct muscular-skeletal alignment problems through intensive manipulation of the front of body.
Roman bath
A hot whirlpool with seats – usually accommodating for multi-person.


Salt glow
Coarse salt and fragrant oils are rubbed into the body to exfoliate and encourage circulation.
A sauna is a cedar-lined room that is heated to a high temperature to open the pores and sweat out toxins.
Scotch Hose
Also known as the jet blitz. The therapist directs a strong pressure hose with hot, cold or alternating water at you. The water pressure stimulates blood, lymph circulation and internal organs. Popular treatment for slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-stress.
Seaweed wrap
Seaweed is applied as a wrap or mask. Minerals, vitamins, and proteins are absorbed into the skin to revitalize your whole body.
Shiatsu is a Japanese-style acupressure massage.
Sports massage
A deep-tissue massage that targets muscles used in specific types of athletic training.
Steam Rooms
The wet heat of a steam-room helps detoxify and relax your muscles, the pleasant vapor given off can clear the head and decongest the chest.
Stone Therapy
Flat and smooth stones are applied at various temperatures by long flowing strokes facilitated with oil. The stones are placed on strategic energy points to ease tension.
Swedish massage
A Swedish Massage is a traditional European massage technique that uses oils to knead and ease muscle aches and tension.
Swiss Shower
Where jets spray the body with water from above and the sides. Eases insomnia, stress and tension and used to treat chronic back pain and vascular instability.


Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that combines meditation and slow movement.
Thai Massage
Thai massages are aimed to create smooth energy flows within your body, it is believed to loosen joints, stretch muscles and tone internal organs.
The Alexander Technique
Where you re-learn how to stand and move correctly to help your body function more efficiently.
Thermal Wrap
Eliminates toxins from your body through perspiration
Tui Na
This Chinese massage aims to remove any blockages from the body and harmonize the flow of energy. Tui Na is a deep and rigorous massage that incorporates pressing, rubbing, rolling, pulling, beating and shaking.


Under Water Pressure Massage
As you lie in a tub, a therapist directs a pressure stream of water at various parts of your body. Used to treat conditions such as scoliosis, fractures, sprain and spinal disorders.


Vichy shower
A vichy shower is a shower from various jets, usually done while on a waterproof massage table.
Visualization consists of envisioning positive images in your mind. Visualization boosts motivation, eases stress and eliminates phobias.


Derived from ‘water’ and ‘shiatsu’. You will be floated, rocked, cradled and stretched; freeing your spine. Watsu sessions help relieve stress and anxiety.
This is a relaxing anti-stress therapy that unifies your mind, body and spirit. While balanced in water, a water-balancer will manipulate you through the Different positions. By the end you will be submerged underneath, turned around and losing all direction. This is great for treating neurological diseases, psychosomatic disorders and post accident traumas.
Warm wax is applied, hardened, and then vigorously ripped off to remove unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs, or body.


Yoga is a philosophical and physical discipline using various postures while controlling breathing to improve muscle flexibility and tone, improve circulation and calm the mind.