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Spas & Relaxation

Palm Cove Spas & Relaxation

Palm Cove Spa Guide

Have you ever wondered what that squishy thing is that is being rubbed into your back that feels oh so wonderful? Well it could quite possibly be some mashed avocado, or mud from the Dead Sea, some grapefruit or juniper. All of these interesting and sometimes delicious fruits, herbs and spices have great healing and revitalising properties so we have put a list together here for you to assist you in choosing the right spa treatment to suit you for your next Palm Cove holiday. We recommend that you pre-book your spa time when you book your Palm Cove holiday with us to ensure you reserve your place in the spa of your choice.

Palm Cove Spa Treatments Glossary

Some of the spa menus can be very confusing if you are not a regular spa goer so we have put together a spa menu glossary that gives you an A to Z description of the actual spa treatments and the healing properties that accompany them. This will assist you to choose the perfect spa treatment for your current condition, body type, state of mind, medical issue or just for fun. In Palm Cove you could choose to have a deep tissue massage to treat pain or release muscular knots, a herbal wrap to relax muscles and draw out impurities or a simple pedicure the choice is yours.

Palm Cove Spas & Spa Resorts

Palm Cove is one of Australia’s premier destinations for spa holidays with seven day spas to choose from. Some of these are located in the luxury hotels and resorts and some are located in the Palm Cove shopping village and each one offering its own style of treatments and spa products. A lot of holiday makers search a destination they are thinking about travelling to based on the number of day spas and destination spas they have to choose from as they are looking for a total relaxation holiday to have a bit of down time and pampering for their body and mind and