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Palm Cove Fishing

Palm Cove Fishing

Long before 5-star resorts and fine dining Restaurants became a feature of Palm Cove, the beach village was renowned for fishing. The narrow channel between Double Island and Palm Cove has been a haven for fish migrating from cool southern waters to the warm northern waters, and Cairns fishers have always been keen to throw a line in the tropical waters and catch a seafood dinner.

Palm Cove Jetty

The Palm Cove Jetty was originally built as a departure platform for Great Barrier Reef cruise vessels. The government hoped it would become an alternative launching point for visitors staying in Palm Cove so they didn't have to travel all the way to Cairns or Port Douglas. However, the constant southeast swells battering against the jetty has forced the cruise companies to change their plans and offer bus transfers for Great Barrier Reef Cruises rather than Palm Cove Jetty transfers. Locals quickly took advantage of the long jetty that rarely had vessels tied to it and used the jetty as a primeFishing platform. Local politicians jokingly described the jetty as the most expensive fishing platform in the world!