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Palm Cove Sightseeing

The view from Palm Cove is spectacular, no matter which direction you look. Left, right, up or down, natural beauty is never far away.

Looking towards the south, Palm Cove merges with Clifton Beach and Kewarra Beach.

These beaches are primarily residential areas and it is common for beach locals to walk their dogs along the beach in the afternoon, stopping for a friendly chat along the way.

The curve of the bay ends in a large shallow area that is protected from the southeast winds and swells.

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Further along the coast (past the headland) it is usually possible to see the Yorkeys Knob Boat Club. This is the only man-made infrastructure visible to the south, and you may be lucky enough to see a yacht heading out to sea. 

On a clear day, Green Island can be seen directly to the east. Green Island is a low-lying coral cay, a popular tourist destination and an ecological marvel.

Looking to the northeast of Palm Cove are two islands: Double Island and Haycock Island. Double Island is named for the two humps that make it appear as two separate islands from a distance. Haycock Island is commonly known as “Scout Hat Island” because, as you will see, it resembles a large scout hat.

Double Island is a 16-hectare private island hideaway only one kilometre (6 minutes’ boat ride) from the Palm Cove Jetty. The island accommodation is luxurious and completely private, despite being close to the mainland.

Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have vacationed at this lovely spot. Double Island is covered by native Australian vegetation, and has beautiful beaches on the western and northern side. In contrast, Haycock Island is deserted and is covered with rough terrain.

Aside from these beaches, islands and the odd sailing yacht, the Coral Sea is spread out before you in all its turquoise blue splendor.

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