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Palm Cove Holidays For Kids - Family Holidays

Palm Cove is a great Family Holiday Destination - complete with Family Holiday Homes, Holiday Apartments & Resorts to suit your family accommodation needs.  

Families are very well catered for in Palm Cove including a beachfront Playground and many dining options for the fussy eaters.  Most of the holiday apartments, hotels and resorts also line the beachfront esplanade making it easy to just cross the cobblestoned street to reach the beach for a fun day playing in the sand.

Families that holiday in Palm Cove normally like to choose holiday accommodation that gives them the option of cooking and laundry facilities in apartment style accommodation. Our most popular Palm Cove accommodation for families are:

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Taking your kids on holidays can be one of two things.

1.  A wonderful, memorable experience for the whole family
2.  Or a total nightmare disaster.

When travelling with kids you need to take into consideration what there is for them to do, what there is for them to see, and what there is for them to eat and the best type of holiday accommodation to suit the whole family.

And if you do not take these things into consideration then beware, as not being prepared to cater for these mini travellers can be dangerous for new players.  

Luckily Palm Cove is a tried and tested place for thousands of children and families over the years and they have given it their stamp of approval just by returning again year after year.

Here we have one little 8 year old resident of Palm Cove that managed to get a hold of her parents video camera and decided to make her own holiday promotional video for other young children that may be thinking of taking a holiday in Palm Cove Far North Queensland Australia.

Ps. Before you hit the play button ensure you are on a comfortable bit of flooring as you may just feel like rolling around laughing because of the sheer honesty and professionalism of this little girl.

Palm Cove - What's it like ?

We would love to apologise for the small images and the narrative but we had no control over any of it!

We found this sitting on our computer files and thought we should share it with all those families that would love to hear about Palm Cove from a child's own perspective without it being scripted or controlled by an adult.

As you have now heard from the mouths of babes, Palm Cove is spectacular at all times and a very much loved destination by this little girl.

As Palm Cove is just a quaint little beachfront village it is easy for parents with young children to get around to visit the shops, restaurants and café's which are all located on the esplanade.

Sailing past Scout Hat Island Palm Cove Palm Cove Beach from the Jetty returning from the morning kayak tour in Palm Cove

Palm Cove Accommodation with Heated Swimming Pools

Kids on holidays just love swimming pools and the resorts and hotels in Palm Cove have plenty of those. You will find your most pleasurable time will be spent lying poolside watching the kids splash around in the pool for hours days on end.

Some of these swimming pools are heated but not that many considering Cairns is a hot tropical holiday destination.

Some of the hotels, resort or holiday apartments may have or also have a hot tub spa so we have listed those here for you as well.

Palm Cove Resort Accommodation in Palm Cove with Heated Swimming Pools

Palm Cove Holiday Home Accommodation in Palm Cove with Heated Swimming Pools

Palm Cove Holiday Accommodation with Heated Spa Pools

Here we have compiled a list of the Palm Cove holiday accommodation that we think is just perfect for a young family with kids.

Palm Cove Holiday Homes For Families

A holiday house is also another great idea for families that want that bit of extra privacy. Especially if they have several young children to look after and do not want to have the worry that their noise is going to annoy other guests that may be lying poolside at the resort looking for peace and tranquillity on their holiday.

Holiday homes in Palm Cove are well located and just a short stroll from all the happenings on the Palm Cove esplanade and we have a short list below on the one's we think are great for families.

Palm Cove Holiday Accommodation Choices For Families

Palm Cove Tours and Activities for Kids

Palm Cove has a great jetty that is just perfect for the family to hire some fishing gear from the caravan park across the road and try and catch some dinner together. 

There are Sea Eagles that frequent the jetty and if you raise your hand in the air with a prawn or a bit of nice fish for them they may just swoop down and take it from your hand.

A refreshment van is usually located at the entry to the jetty so you can purchase cold water, ice creams, hot dogs and the like. Oh and don't forget to take your camera as the view from the end of the jetty looking back to Palm cove is beautiful and you may want to photograph that big fish you catch.

Kids love to jump on a swing set for a play and the Palm Cove kids playground is situated in the middle of the village on the absolute beachfront. The playground has two swings, a climbing structure with diggers and slides - great for young kids and toddlers. 

There are picnic tables nearby and chairs for the parents to relax under the trees whilst keeping an eye on the kids at play. Water fountains are here also and the public toilets are only meters away.

Palm Cove Water Sports

Jet ski's, paddle ski's, kayaks and floaty things are available for hire on the beachfront most days of the year dependant on the weather conditions. If you like to play ball games with your children then buy a ball from one of the shops in the Palm Cove village so you can play soccer or volleyball on the beach. Beach cricket and Frisbee are some more fun family beach activities.

Kids Kayaking on the Great Barrier Reef Glass Bottom Boat Tour on the Great Barrier Reef Family Fun on the Great Barrier Reef

Tours and Activities for Kids in Palm Cove

Cairns Wildlife Parks

Zoo's are always popular with kids and the nearby Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas is great for families as it showcases our local Australian animals.  Get up close with kangaroos, cuddle a Koala or you can even enjoy Breakfast with the birds - a great way to start a day!

During your family holiday to Palm Cove make sure you take the kids on a day trip to Kuranda where you can glide above the rainforest canopy in a gondola on the Skyrail and travel through tunnels and past waterfalls on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.  

In Kuranda there is also a range of wildlife attractions great for the kids including Rainforestion Nature Park, Birdworld, Koala Gardens, the Venom Zoo and the Australian butterfly Sanctuary.

Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Hartley's is another north Queensland icon and a big drawcard for the whole family, and only a short drive from Palm Cove. At Hartley's you can hand feed a crocodile yourself if you are brave enough! 

Day Tour To the Great Barrier Reef

There are several things to consider when planning a day tour to the Great Barrier Reef from Palm Cove and those are as follows. The age of your children can play an important factor and so can the swimming ability and the number of children that you may be travelling with. Small children.

If you have really young children like little one's still in the pram then you may want to consider Green Island as an option as you can take your fold up pram and there are a lot of facilities on the island for families and you can also choose to do do a half day tour or a full day tour.

Green Island is the only reef tour that will give you this option as it takes 90 minutes to get to the outer Barrier Reef normally. 

Great Barrier Reef Interactive Pontoon

For children that are a bit older and more mobile a trip out to an interactive floating pontoon for the day is a great option and from Palm Cove you can choose to either depart from Port Douglas on Quicksilver or depart from Cairns and have a choice of 3 pontoon platform sites.

Those being Sunlover, Great Adventures and Reef Magic Cruises If you do not have a car the tour operators provide a bus transfer service from Palm Cove to take you to your destination of departure.

If you are travelling with a few children we would recommend that you do hire a car as it will save you a lot on money and give you a lot of freedom to drive around and explore the region.

Island Options for Adults and Children

A favourite of ours is Low Isles just off Port Douglas, great for families with easy access into the water.  Frankland Islands, south of Cairns is another favourite islands for families if you are looking for more isolated feeling as there are no shops or restaurants just a pristine natural island for families to explore and enjoy.

Both of these tropical islands are well known places for seeing turtles. For other family tours and sightseeing activity ideas pop on over to the Palm Cove Tours page and have a read of all the options.

Travellers Tips:- If you are travelling with your family during the school holidays please ensure that you pre-book these tours before you arrive in Palm Cove or as soon as you arrive otherwise you may just miss out.