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Palm Cove General Info

Palm Cove Conferences

Palm Cove serves as a premier destination to hold conferences,Events, incentives and meetings. The laid-back tropical atmosphere, teamed with stunning rainforest and Great Barrier Reef views creates a unique and laidback setting to reward and inspire. The informal environment of Palm Cove encourages bonding, relaxation and serenity; a great contrast from the hectic and sometimes stressful atmosphere workers are often exposed to. Additionally Palm Cove is home to one of the largest conference centres outside the Cairns CBD, the Palm Cove Conference Centre has seating for more than 500 people theatre style and is overlooking the magnificent Palm Cove Country Club Golf Course.

Palm Cove Facilities

Your holiday in Palm Cove will be as comfortable and convenient as being back at your home. You’ll never have to go without the necessities that make you feel at ease. See our guide to all the facilities located in the Palm Cove area so you can be safe in the knowledge that all your needs are catered for on your Palm Cove Vacation

Palm Cove Future

Palm Cove is a privileged tropical beach in so many ways. Not only does the area have a spectacular beachfront backing onto a vibrant village community, adorned with fine dining Restaurants and fun tourist attractions, but also the name “Palm Cove” is the best name possible. The name conjures images of paradise, doesn’t it! And the beach lives up to its name too.

Palm Cove History

With the pristine palm-fringed coastlines, beachfront collection of five star resorts and tourists visiting from all around the world, the history of Palm Cove can often be overlooked. When booking a holiday to the famous seaside village, heritage and history are generally the furthest things from people’s minds; instead luxuryPalm Cove Accommodation, stunning beaches and the famous Great Barrier Reef receive much more attention. Many visitors would be pleasantly shocked to find out the Palm Cove region is more than just a beautiful tourist destination, and that it is actually rich with historical significance dating back thousands of years ago.

Palm Cove Jellyfish

An email interview by Christina James from the Cairns Holiday Specialists with Senior Marine Stinger Advisor Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin Curator from the Natural Sciences Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston Tasmania a discussion on Jelly Fish and the chances of ever being stung by a Jelly fish whilst swimming on the Great Barrier Reef.

Palm Cove Location

Located at Latitude 16°S with a similar Climate to famous tropical cities on the same latitude such as Honolulu, Hawai'i and Kingston, Jamaica, Palm Cove is a palm tree-fringed beach overlooking two majestic islands on the horizon. See below for our map of Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia, showing the major cities of Australia proximate to Palm Cove.

Palm Cove Tourist Information

For all information and local advice on things to see and the things to do from Palm Cove, to Cairns, Port Douglas and surrounding regions contact the helpful team at Palm Cove Australia. We can keep you up to date on the weather, special events, car hire and even tell you about our favourite restaurants and places to go for some nightlife. The Palm Cove team are a wealth of local information so make sure you get in touch before you book your holiday accommodation as they will give you the best advice at the best local prices.

Palm Cove Weather

Temperatures at Palm Cove can reach over 31 degrees in the daytime during tropical summer months. The night-time temperatures at Palm Cove during summers drop to a balmy 24 degrees. During the tropical winter, days reach 26 degrees and drop to 17 degrees at night. The water temperature during summer is a warm 29 degrees. During winter the water temperature drops slightly to 24 degrees.

What Sets Palm Cove Apart

There is a lot of literature that exalts Palm Cove as the premier beach in the Cairns Northern Beaches. Pick up any brochure about the area and it will tell you that Palm Cove has the fastest growing economy of any suburb in the Cairns region, has the highest levels of development, has enormous tourist activity and looks set to retain these attributes for many years into the future.