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Prawns on the Jetty

03 Oct

Prawns on the Jetty


What better way to enjoy our local seafood than right on Palm Cove Jetty?  

Prawns on the Jetty is a new event introduced for the first time this year. 03 October starting at 5pm through to 9pm. 

This is a casual evening experience that gives you the opportunity to wander along the Jetty taking in our spectacular seascape while relishing our superb local seafood.

ISP Fish Market is sponsoring this event. Subject to sea conditions on the evening of the event they have also arranged for one of our finest trawlers, based out of Cairns, to participate.

Palm Cove Markets will also be happening adjacent to the Jetty.  There is no charge for access to the event and what you spend will only be determined by your appetite for locally caught prawns!