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Band on the Beach for Bravehearts 2008

19 Jul

Band on the Beach for Bravehearts 2008

The Concept

Businessman's charity group THE SHERIFF'S Department, White Light Events and Colleen Were Marketing this year bring to you a band on sand event bigger and better than ever before.

Bands on the beach 2008, raising money for the children’s advocacy and counselling organisation Bravehearts. The date of the event is Saturday 19th July 2008.

The event we are planning is Band on the Beach to raise money for the children’s advocacy and counselling organization Bravehearts, the date of the event is 19th July 2008.

Familys attending the event Queensland Police and THE SHERIFF’S Department Boom Crash Opera

Band on the Beach will have a large amount of Military involvement this year, more than in any previous year, due to the 51st Battalion, Defence Force Recruiting and the Band of the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment being integral to the event.  Defence recruiting has recently opened a new recruiting centre in the city of Cairns and as such is anxious to make their presence known to the community as a whole and this represents the ideal way to make it happen.

The band will play music that will keep the crowd enthralled, everything from Michael Buble to the current hits from the radio, they do so much more than just play Marches and they do it well! Then they will march the length of Palm Cove on Sunset, an event that really creates a magic like no other.

The Name Act for the event is the might and majesty of Boom Crash Opera, one of Australia’s leading performers that boast a long and successful career spanning as far back at the mid 1980’s.  In Military Parlance, age does not weary them and they promise to make the beach come alive with their string of hits that span nearly 3 decades.

Boom Crash Opera are a pop-rock band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1985. Initially based around the song writing partnership of Richard Pleasance (guitar/bass/vocals 1985 - 1992) and Peter Farnan (guitar/bass/keys/vocals) Boom Crash Opera also includes Dale Ryder (lead vocals), Peter 'Maz' Maslen (drums/vocals), Greg O'Connor (keyboards/guitar) and Ian Tilley (bass/vocals 1992 - present).

Boom Crash Opera were quickly signed to WEA records Australia and in 1986 released their debut single 'Great Wall' (produced by Steve Brown). The single reached number 5 on the ARIA National charts. Their self titled debut album, released in 1987, (Produced by Alex Sadkin) went Gold and also featured the follow up singles 'Hands Up In The Air' (produced by Steve Brown), 'City Flat' and 'Her Charity'.

Following on from the success of their debut in 1989 they released the top 10 single 'Onion Skin' from what would become their most successful album 'These Here Are Crazy Times' (produced by Nick Launay and Richard Pleasance). 'These Here Are Crazy Times' spent more than 12 months in the Australian National Top 40 and achieved double platinum sales. 'Onion Skin' was followed by the top 20 singles 'Get Out Of The House', 'Best Thing', 'Dancing In The Storm' and 'Talk About It'.

In 1990 they released 'Look! Listen!!'. The album featured remixed versions of songs from their first two albums plus two new songs.

The audiences will thrill to the music that has rocked nearly 3 generations of Australian radios from Boom Boxes to the MP3 player. Not m any can claim that longevity in the Australian music scene. Boom Crash Opera are the perfect compliment to the Army, both suit the target demographic perfectly the 30 plus with high expendable income.

The Discography is like the soundtrack of our lives as it spans the generations and is still as fresh today as when it was first played on a little Liquorice Pizza we called a 45rpm single record: 

This is an Event NOT to be missed as the Army and Boom Crash Opera combine to make a colossal Difference in the lives of our local children.

The accompanying photo of Palm Cove shows the event is being staged close to the Jetty, and the magical waters of the Coral Sea. The red ring indicates the Location of the stage and eating area, as well there will be 50 plus high performance vehicles, perhaps the best collection at anyone time in Australia including, fingers crossed the awesome Army Secret Weapon ARMYGEDON.

For sponsorship, donation, participation and event details contact:

Dales Whyte - 0411600707
Colleen Were - 0438576079
Christine Elliston - 0400863171
Liam Elliston - 0438587875

The Event

Saturday 19th July 2008, Palm Cove will again reverberate to the sound of Music as the Band of the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment performs in Palm Cove.  This has become an institution in the Far North since the event started in 2006 when it raised much needed funds for the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation for urgent equipment required in the maternity section of the Cairns Base Hospital and in 2007 the money raised was donated to the Returned Services League (RSL) for much needed Facilities in the local WARHAVEN home.  The past years Events attracted crowds of in excess of 1000 people, growing rapidly each year.  This year the event is going to bigger and better than ever and will raise much needed money for Bravehearts.   Once again Bands on the beach will generate a lot of interest in Cairns and Palm Cove, show casing your company as part of a major annual event.

AND this year joined by the veteran Australian band Boom Crash Opera!

Boom Crash Opera Queensland Police and THE SHERIFF’S Department Vehicle Parade

Bands on the Beach, adjacent to the well known Palm Cove Jetty, at the northern end of the beach; is this only spot along the magical strip that is Palm Cove that can comfortably accommodate the crowd we are expecting this year.

Timed to start at approximately 2pm, will include a variety of stage acts, aboriginal performers, a local band and Drum up Big session, classic car display, the ever popular street march by the Army Band, a yet to be disclosed Big Name Act and much much more.

The 1ARA sunset street march travels the length of Palm Cove and is without a doubt one of the highlights of the event.  It is also one of the few times that both Queensland Police and the local businessman’s charity group THE SHERIFF’S Department deploy vehicles to assist in crowd control safety and fun.  The fact that both styles of vehicles are able to be photographed brings out the car enthusiasts and the child in us all. The March takes place at Sunset and with the aid of “Alley Lights” from the escorting vehicles, a spectacular scene that entrances the entire crowd.

Bands on the Beach is a free community fund raising event bringing Palm Cove alive for the afternoon.  Bravehearts and the organisers invite visitors and locals to sit back and enjoy a family afternoon of entertainment, whilst relaxing with afternoon tea or an evening meal.  Food can be purchased at a variety of food stalls or bring your own picnic. The event is alcohol free; no matter what your age you will enjoy at least one if not all of the performances.  A traditional family event with something for all ages.  We are targeting an audience of approximately 5000 people and volunteers, event organisers and stall holders will be taking donations throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Bravehearts has opened an office in Cairns to service the Far North Queensland region and is becoming much admired by the local community, due to its philosophy of not spending money unless it will benefit the children and families it serves.

The Charity

When you consider that One in Five Children will be sexually molseted, it makes you feel sick!   Bravehearts is a move in the right direction to ensure those numbers drastically decrease in our community. Bravehearts aim to forge a ‘movement for change’ to provide survivors with a voice. Advocating for both healing and preventative strategies, Bravehearts provide comprehensive counselling for child and adult survivors of child sexual assault, and is actively involved in education, prevention, early intervention and research programs.

Hetty Johnston (pictured) founded “White Balloon Day” in Brisbane during Child Protection Week, September 1997. “White Balloon Day” was created in response to the revelation that a family member was a paedophile. A brave disclosure by a 7 year old led to the realisation that this much loved family elder had preyed on innocent children and their trusting parents for 40 years. Compounding this tragedy was the fact that this 40 year reign of terror had never been disclosed, let alone reported.

With the support of her family, Hetty decided that the time had come to lift the silence that has, for too long, aided and abetted the assault and torture of our most vulnerable members of society; our children. The search was on for a symbol to demonstrate this issue.

Bravehearts' members comprise of survivors, parents, friends, partners, professionals and other non-abusive members of the community, who share in the belief that child sexual assault must stop.   Bravehearts aim to 'Break the Silence', provide healing and support, engender child sexual assault prevention and protection strategies; advocate for understanding and promote increased education and research.

Since its establishment in 1997, Bravehearts Inc. has helped thousands of Australian children and their families, through counselling, advocacy and legislative reform.  Given that one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach 18 years old, the services provided by Bravehearts are, unfortunately, vital in our community.  Bravehearts currently provide counselling services to hundreds of children and their families every year at a cost of nearly half a million dollars.  Bravehearts does make a Difference in child protection and is forging a movement for change in how child sexual assault is dealt with.

For sponsorship, donation, participation and event details contact:


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