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How to Find the Best Accommodation in Palm Cove

Sep 21

How to Find the Best Accommodation in Palm Cove

When booking a hotel, resort or holiday apartment in a new destination it is always a good idea to firstly ask for some recommendations from family and friends that you know have previously visited the region, as they can give you some initial hints, tips and ideas on what they think may be the most popular or best resorts to suit you and your style of holiday must haves. And let’s face it no one knows you better than your own family! 

Palm Cove Family Friendly Holiday Destination

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Next step is to take a peek at some of the larger accommodation review sites as they literally have hundreds of thousands of comments that you can read to get a much broader idea from all of these past guest comments. Just be sure to skip thru the comments that may be a bit inflammatory or seem a bit too good to be true because as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

These big review sites are also prone to lots of fake reviews but if you read enough you can usually spot a pattern and then ignore those reviews that say a particular hotel is simply the most amazing or absolutely the most appalling. 

Once you have done these two things it’s time to Google the actual destination and start looking at the local travel agent or destination specialist’s websites. These websites will offer much richer content not only on the resort and hotel reviews but you will also find more in depth information about the region and what it offers visitors.

There will be information about the local restaurants, shops, attractions and things to do and things to see.

Palm Cove Shops

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With all of your homework done now you are ready to start zeroing in to your hot list of the best Palm Cove holiday accommodation options that have piqued your interest.

Best thing to do is to pick up the telephone and start talking to the destination specialists who offer all of your hot listed properties you were looking at and ask them for the latest local deals. Quite often they will have non-published secret deals given to them by the local sales representatives at the Palm Cove hotels and resorts to sell on the quiet which they then pass directly onto their guests.

Some may even add some discounts to the local tours and attractions to save you even more money and they can give you the best advice on these for you also to ensure they are suited for your expectations.    

We advise that you do not leave your holiday accommodation booking to the last minute as Palm Cove is an extremely popular destination and if you had your heart set on a particular holiday apartment, house or resort then you are best to negotiate your booking early.

Palm Cove Holiday Destination

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You can even find better prices when you book in advance as once the resorts reach a certain occupancy level they then put in place “yield management” and the prices begin to increase as the occupancy increases over the busy peak periods and they then charge what is called a “rack rate” or premium rate

If you are happy to travel outside of the peak holiday seasons then you can certainly take advantage of some really great bargain deals which usually include heavily discounted room rates and “free add on extras”.

Low season travel also has the added advantage of being able to book your seats on tours without the problem of being overcrowded or booking out early and best of all you can also be assured you can get into all of the most popular restaurants and bars of your choice any day or night of your holiday.

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